Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3 of training & very disappointing phone call!

Training was better than Monday but still not great. And at 4:40 I get a text from Steve saying that we can't close on house on the 29th like we'd planned. Apparently the loan people are running 3-5 days behind, our storm door isn't on (which has to be on for appraisal b/c of the type of loan we got), the builder had written down that we weren't closing until 7/15 (which was right until he was ahead of schedule & done early so the realtor & bank & head contractor on our house told me we close the 29th at 4pm.) Now he's not sure he has time this week to do the final walkthrough with us! I had taken monday afternoon off for closing & thurs off to finalize packing and we have fri off b/c of the 4th. Now they are saying it might be friday before we close-ok except we hired some movers to be there at 8 am fri morning to move all our big stuff!! oh the stress along with aunt flo in town this week & me not being able to have steve just hug me & make it all feel better is making me want to order 2 desserts from room service tonight. I'm doing the room service again rather than go out with the guys so i can study again. but now i just want to eat tons of chocolate & be whiny! :( I need to snap it together!!

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  1. oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about the house troubles. You certainly don't need the extra stress. I hope that all works out for you!