Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday the 29th

I'm so excited this is a short week at work! Today was suppose to be closing day on the house but it got delayed as the paperwork isn't done yet. The bank is hoping to have it back from the underwriters so we can close tomorrow but I haven't heard yet. Say a little prayer for us! We have movers coming Friday morning & I have all day Thurs off work plus Friday off as the office is closed for the 4th. So we REALLY want to have closed by Wed afternoon!
*update* The bank has rescheduled the closing for Wednesday at 4:00-but they still done have the paperwork from the underwriters. So we should hear from them by tomorrow to know if closing is a go.

Food wise today:
B-Fiber One bar
L- smart ones
S- small piece of bday cake for co-workers 40th
D- ???? I'm going to study all night since Steve has class & I'm worried about how productive I'll be this weekend with moving.

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