Friday, June 19, 2009

I did it!

I stepped on the scale this morning-it wasn't pretty 162.8. oh wow I know I had tator tots & sonic blast last night but yikes! next week will be tough as I have to go to Champaign IL for training all week. So it'll be eating out all meals all week...and since I won't have many distractions I'm hoping to get like 6 chapters of my studying done. The book has 20 chapters & I just finished Ch 3. It would be great if I could get Ch 4 & 5 done tonight & tomorrow & then to Ch 11 or 12 by the end of next week. Then I'd have 8 left for the last 3 weeks before I take my test. Oh pray for me...I desperately want this to be the last time I take the financial section of the CPA exam & then take my last Auditing section in August!

Food wise today:
B- Fiber one bar (150 cal)
L- smart ones rice & beans (320 cal)
S- fun sized butterfinger (85 cal)
D- bologna, cheese & light mayo sandwich, pretzels
S- glass of milk

1 comment:

  1. Don't stess too much, that weight will come off fast. =)